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Transition Night Set for March 27
Posted 2/15/2019 at 9:54:58 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]

BLOOMINGDALE-Special needs students in Jefferson County and their families are invited to take part in Transition Night activities next month to learn how they can successfully progress in society.

   The event is slated for March 27 from 5-7 p.m. in the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School cafeteria and will feature agencies and resources under one roof to help students on individualized educational plans (IEPs) as they move toward adulthood.

   “It is all about helping that transition from the educational environment into the real world, especially the working world,” said Transition to Work instructor Christina Henderson, who is organizing the festivities. “The main idea is to connect students and their families to resources that help them build successful lives after high school, and the purpose of a transition night is to deliver content and resources that are most likely going to benefit the students.”

    The evening will include a brief synopsis of transition and why it is so important to begin the process way before the pupil’s senior year. Parents and students will address the group while vendors may also speak about what they do and how their services can benefit the students. Henderson hopes word will spread about the event and attract more families around the county.

   “The key to this event’s success is the willingness for all of the schools to share information about it with their students,” she said. “We started this event because no matter where the students go to school, it is imperative that the conversation about transition into the real world for IEP students happen at least by age 14, if not sooner. Data has proven that the sooner an effective transition plan is made for the student and the sooner it is acted upon, the more successful they will be in the real world.

   “I encourage everyone that has a special needs child in their family to attend and get that important conversation going on what is best for the child and how to get there. We want to see our special needs population in our county be successful and happy when they leave the educational setting. We want to help with this process in any way possible and a Transition Night is a step in the right direction.”

    More agencies are expected to attend this time and returning organizations include State Support Team Region 12 (SST-12), West Virginia Northern Community College, Social Security Administration, Jeffco Services, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Ohio Means Jobs, New Castle School of Trades, Trinity Health Systems, Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) and Parent Advocates. For more information, contact Henderson at (740) 264-5545.

Health Tech Students Place at HOSA Contest
Posted 2/15/2019 at 9:53:04 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS HOSA Regional Contest winners

Health technologies students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School scored well during the regional Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) contest in Canton on Feb. 2. Those who placed within the top three now advance to the state competition in Columbus this spring. Pictured are, front from left, Alexis Cronin, who was third in medical assisting, and Izzie Pratko, who was first in CPR/First Aid. Back: Sam Shrock, first in CPR/First Aid; Kloe Olivio, third in nurse assisting; and Leah Pennington and Zanea Vanhorn, first for EMT.

Spotlight on Skills Winners Named
Posted 2/15/2019 at 9:50:01 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]

BLOOMINGDALE-Jefferson County Joint Vocational School students tested their knowledge during the Spotlight on Skills competition in January.

   Students in both academics and lab programs participated in events throughout the day on Jan. 24 that were judged by community business members, while each school program with a student organization had pupils compete for a chance to attend regional competitions. Among the latter were SkillsUSA, which includes about 80 percent of the students; the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA); Future Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA); Business Professionals of America (BPA); and the Future Farmers of America (FFA). Officials said the technical trade skills portion focused on hands-on knowledge and the leadership segment reviewed softer skills from CPR/First Aid to job interviews.

   Gold, silver and bronze awards were distributed on Jan. 25 and top finishers move on to regional competitions during February through April. They included the following:

--John Hojonski, first; Daniel Sammut, second; and Christopher Young, third, for Ag mechanics;

--Emily Bickerstaff, first; Alana McGonagle, second; and Ben Horkulic, third, automotive collision repair;

--Julia Rura, first; Logan Gump, second; and Bret Schulte, third, automotive refinishing;

--Jared Findlay, first; Nathaniel Hoover, second; and Jacob Clark, third, automotive service;

--Brooke Edwards-Miles, first; Jasmine West, second; and Ryan Maple, third, basic health care skills;

--William Heckert, first; Aidan Sammut, second; and Noah Hanlin, third, carpentry;

--Frankie Kelleher, first; Megan Bickerstaff, second; and Jacalynn Zrinyi, third, CDE junior veterinary science;

--Haley Sorg, first; Alison Lynn, second; and Autumn Nile, third, CDE senior veterinary science;

--Aine O’Neil, first; Sarah Gonzalez, second; and Bailey Jarman, third, cosmetology;

--Kijona Clark, Fara Johnson and Janiah Mosley (Team 1), first, crime scene team;

--Jeff Fogle, first, for criminal justice;

--Damar Jackson, first; Daylynn Anderson, second; and Dashel Mumaw, third, culinary arts;

--Maya Floyd, Jon-Paul Lavoie and Donovan Simeral (Team 1), first; Sierra Beckett, Jasmine Birtel, Therman Gross and Ryan Morale, (Team 5), second; and Lane Adkins, Evan Jones, Carlie Marcum and Hunter Sox (Team 4), third, digital media promotion team;

--Brooke Mitchell, first, early childhood education;

--Morgan Smith, first; Logan Hanchin, second; and Drake Ferrell, third, electrical construction wiring;

--Maysha Mullins and Abbi Smith (Team 1), second, and Amber Anderson and Tressa Howard (Team 2), third, event planning team;

--Kory Pethel, third, extemporaneous speaking;

--Cheyenne Bryan, first; Meghan Stackhouse, second; and Courtney Jones, third, First Aid/CPR;

--Leah Pennington, Jaiden Plunkett, Azrielle Pratko, Abigail Saffell and Sam Shrock, first, Health Knowledge Bowl team;

--Jack Reese, first, health occupations professional portfolio;

--Joe Shook, second, and Jonathan Stead, third, industrial motor control;

--Jason Klein, first; Treyvon Britton, second; and Hunter Brown, third, information technologies services;

--Jayda McQuiston, first; and Regina McCann, second, interpersonal communication;

--Brianna Sheets and Nathan Zink, first (tie); Dwight Morris, second; and James Strachan, third, job interview;

--Chris Hunt, first; Angela Talbott, second; and Tommy Hunt, third, job interview TTW;

--Catalina Mazzaferro, first; Zoey Young, second; and Miranda Miller, third, job skills demonstration A;

--Hanna Mitchell, first, junior curriculum unit;

--Gracie Wade, first; Carly King, second; and Mandy Merideth, third, junior language and literacy;

--Kayla Habbit and Brianna Sheets, first, lesson prep team;

--Sasha Mitchell, third, life planning event;

--Kylie Law, first; Aaliyah Arnold, second; and Alyson Fetty, third, medical assisting;

--Jacob Lockhart, first, medical math;

--Hannah Meeker, second, and Rylee Faulkner, third, medical terminology;

--Kloe Olivo, first; Zanea Van Horn, second; and Haley Moore, third, nurse assisting;

--Hannah Armstrong, Honesti Blair, Kaleb Briganti and Cassandra Reed (Team 1), first, occupational health and safety team;

--Dominque Delucca, first, and Hunter Klinesmith, second, related technical math;

--Elijah Fox, first, school store TTW 1;

--Kayla Habbit, first, and Natasha Fedorka, second, senior curriculum unit;

--Brooke Mitchell, first; Emily Manley, second; and Greg Kelley, third, senior language and literacy;

--Brandon Stokely, first; Tyler Fulmer, second; and Naz Hawkins, third, telecommunications cabling;

--Dalton Sindeldecker, first; Blake Eisnaugle, second; and Dominick Flenniken, third, welding;

--Lance McAfoose, Frank Perrino and Brock Sanders (Team 2), first, and Seth Hanlin, Jack Nutter and Austin White (Team 1), second, welding fabrication team.

   BPA students attended their regional contest on Jan. 23, where William Lewis and Judge Hall respectively finished first in computer modeling and extemporaneous speech and Mike Maguschak was second in digital media production. They now advance to the state competition in Columbus March 14-15. Other participants included Chris Morale, Hunter Sox and Therman Gross, who respectively finished fifth, sixth, and eighth in graphic design promotion; Sierra Beckett, Corbyn Behrendt, Misty Davis and Carlie Marcum, who were third in the video production team category; Michael Gregg, Tyler Mitchell and Donovan Simeral, who were third for web site design team; Mara Burress, Jon-Paul Lavoie and Robert Zimmerman, who were third for broadcast news production team; Jasmine Birtel, who was second with Lane Adkins at third in interview skills; Jon-Paul Lavoie, who was second with Logan Schrader at seventh in extemporaneous speech; and Mara Burress, who placed second in prepared speech and Ryan Morale, who was second in presentation management individual.

  First-place students in the HOSA organization traveled to New Canton South High School on Feb. 2 and Sam Shrock and Izzie Pratko took first for CPR/First Aid; Zanea Vanhorn and Leah Pennington placed first for EMT; Alexis Cronin was third in medical assisting; and Kloe Olivio placed third in nurse assisting. SkillsUSA students will head to their regional competition on Feb. 23 at the Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia and FCCLA and FFA students will advance to competitions around March and April.

Electrical Students Learn Life-Saving Skills
Posted 2/15/2019 at 9:44:50 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Electrical Trades Frist Aid

Electrical students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School learned life-saving skills with early childhood education instructor and EMT Becky Kelley to earn their CPR/First Aid certification through the American Heart Association plus credentials toward graduation. Junior Josh Gaumer is pictured wrapping the arm of senior James Strachan during the training session.

Welding Program Adds Augmented Reality Equipment
Posted 2/15/2019 at 9:39:34 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Welding Augmented Reality

BLOOMINGDALE-The welding program at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School has gone futuristic by adding augmented reality equipment to mimic working with actual tools.

   Instructor Todd Parker said the Miller AugmentedArc technology was added in December and his 38 students are getting some practice for real work in the lab. Unlike virtual reality, which is much more immersive, augmented reality superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world to provide a composite perspective. Parker said students don special helmets and view simulations of materials known as coupons to practice their welding skills.

   “The goal is to use it to introduce new procedures and processes and save on materials and consumables,” he explained. “The type of technology is augmented reality, so when you are in a classroom you are viewing a superimposed image. It’s very similar technology to virtual reality, but the students never get the idea they are in the classroom.”

   Parker said it would greatly benefit both beginning and advanced students because they hone their hand-eye coordination and are better prepared to weld with real materials. For the latter group, it helps by providing a pipe simulation to aid their more intricate work.

   “They learn a repeatable task without wasting material and can see the superimposed steel or various materials and [the equipment] can be set for various processes.”

   He continued that students practice between one and 1 ½ hours before they begin their normal schedule, but they must attain a minimum score within the 90 percentile on the classroom simulator before they can work on projects in the welding lab. The equipment is also useful for demonstrations during events such as eighth-grade visits and sophomore tours, plus students who have been absent can catch up on their schoolwork.

   “We can offer advanced skills to advanced students without breaking the budget,” Parker said, adding that it saves hundreds of dollars on materials in the process. “We invested in it to be more fiscally responsible to the taxpayers as we educate the students.”

(Photo Cutline: Welding students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School have some high-tech tools to practice their skills in the classroom. Miller AugmentedArc equipment simulates welds and helps students hone their hand-eye coordination before performing tasks on actual steel and other materials in their program lab.)

JVS Graduate is Helping Others Heal
Posted 2/11/2019 at 11:42:09 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS JOnahtan Cortez

BLOOMINGDALE-Jonathan Cortez is helping others heal as a registered nurse, and he prepared for his duties at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School.

   In observance of Career and Technical Education Month during February, JVS alumni are sharing their experiences in their own words. CTE Month celebrates the value of CTE and the accomplishments of such programs across the country.

   Cortez, a Hopedale resident, graduated from Indian Creek High School and earned his degree from Trinity Health System School of Nursing, the latter of which is ranked second as the top Ohio nursing program and earned a 100-percent NCLEX-RN pass rate for 2017-18. In addition, Cortez is active on the Hopedale Village Council. He attended JCJVS from 2013-15 as a student in the health technologies program, graduating with honors from the National Technical Honor Society through the JVS’s local chapter. Cortez said the school helped him get a jumpstart on his career.

   “Thanks to the JVS, I graduated high school with an STNA license and started working in the Trinity ER after graduation in June of 2015 as a nurse’s aide,” he said, adding that he also gained certification as an EKG technician while at JCJVS and performed two roles at Trinity. “I also did this at the Trinity Heart Center and did both jobs while attending nursing school. In October of 2018, I started working as an RN in the ER at Trinity and am currently enjoying an exciting new role in the ER, going from nurse aide to a new graduate RN.”

   Cortez added that JCJVS prepared him for the basics of healthcare, from infection control to Basic Life Support.

   “There was so much to learn and I was very ahead of the game when I started into nursing school, plus the rigorous course in the health tech program gave me an idea of how stressful a nursing program could get. Looking back in nursing school, I would silently thank [health tech instructor] Tammy Sismondo for pushing me in her class; I was used to the pace of nursing school and today I cannot imagine how I would have graduated from nursing school had I not gone through the JVS.”

    He noted that he enjoyed his learning experience and could prepare for a career path right after graduation.

   “I’d like to think that I was able to shape my own foundation as to what I wanted to be when I graduated and went into the real world, plus they let us get a small taste of how the real world is set up. They gave us a trial run in what being an adult was like, but without the very harsh consequences of actually doing it. I can thank my government teacher at JVS, Casey Magyar, for teaching us how to balance a checkbook and writing a check,” Cortez continued, adding that it was a great place to learn.

   “I would without a doubt recommend the JVS to any teen today if they wanted to learn a trade or do what I did. The benefits and certifications available through the JVS are second to none, plus if you genuinely tried at that school, you have good people there to reference you when applying for a job. To teens wanting to go to the JVS, be serious about going there and remember it is a privilege to be there, and it pays off if you think ahead to the future,” he concluded. “Lastly, I would want to add to the public to not underestimate how good trade schools are. I went through it and went to college, and now I have a career where I have the power to care for society when I see them at their worst, to help them get back to their best. Vocational school graduates can and do go to college and a vocational school just gets the ball rolling so we have a full head of steam in the workforce.”

   JCJVS currently offers 15 programs including auto collision, auto service, carpentry, computer networking, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, early childhood education, electrical trades, health technologies, multimedia and design, power mechanics, welding, transition to work and small animal sciences with HVAC to return in the fall. For more information, contact the school at (740) 264-5545.

JVS Grad’s Experience Helped Shaped His Future
Posted 2/5/2019 at 10:14:10 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Dailey

BLOOMINGDALE-For Jefferson County Joint Vocational School graduate Justin Dailey, his experience as a student helped shape his future.

   In observance of Career and Technical Education Month during February, JCJVS is highlighting graduates who have charted their own course by using the tools they gained at the Bloomingdale site. CTE Month celebrates the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of such programs across the country.

   Dailey, of Wintersville, attended JCJVS from 2013-15 as a student in the welding program. The Indian Creek High School alum graduated in 2015 and credited the education he gained with instructors Roger Hilty and Todd Parker.

   “The welding program at Jefferson County JVS did lead me to my current career. After graduation in 2015, I joined the Ironworkers Local Union 549 in Wheeling, W.Va. I feel that the JVS prepared me to succeed in my profession,” he said. “I have been with the Ironworkers Local Union for four years and have traveled all over the Tri-State Area for employment. I have also competed in several competitions in the United States to represent the union.”

   Dailey has gained such accolades as first place in the Great Lakes District Council Apprentice Competition in Detroit, Mich., and was in the Top 30 during the International Apprentice Competition in Minnesota. He recently became an instructor for the local union and is currently working to become a certified welding inspector (CWI). He attributed his success to his education at JCJVS.


   “Mr. Hilty and Mr. Parker would go above and beyond to make sure that you are prepared to go out into the workforce,” he added. “I was able to obtain several certifications prior to my graduation that also helped me obtain employment. I believe that Mr. Hilty and Mr. Parker shared their passion of welding with you and made you excited to learn,” Dailey continued. “What I really liked about the JVS was that mostly everything was hands-on. I was able to read about it and then actually do it, and being hands-on helped me to become eager to learn as much as I could about welding.

   “I would highly recommend the JVS to anyone. The instructors love what they do and will work with you to make sure that you are successful. If you are unsure about which career path you would like to pursue, attend an open house. At the open house, you are able to learn about the different programs and meet current students as well as the instructors.” 

    JCJVS currently offers 15 programs including auto collision, auto service, carpentry, computer networking, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, early childhood education, electrical trades, health technologies, multimedia and design, power mechanics, welding, transition to work and small animal sciences with HVAC to return in the fall. For more information, contact the school at (740) 264-5545.

(Photo Cutline: Jefferson County Joint Vocational School graduate Justin Dailey is scaling new heights as a certified welder and instructor with the Ironworkers Local Union No. 549. The Wintersville resident said the experience he gained at the school helped shape his future in the profession.)

First Aid Training
Posted 2/5/2019 at 10:09:41 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
AST First Aid

Automotive service technology students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School learned some life-saving techniques after training with criminal justice instructor Jamie Freeman to obtain First Aid/CPR certification. Students watched a training video and worked with mannequins and Automated External Defibrillators as part of their lesson. Pictured are, from left, juniors Logan Charnock and Jacob Clark as they practice with their mannequins.

JVS Students Visit DC
Posted 2/5/2019 at 10:05:19 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS SkillsUSA Ohio DC

BLOOMINGDALE-Three Jefferson County Joint Vocational School students represented Ohio SkillsUSA by attending a leadership institute in Washington, D.C.

   Senior Michael Banovsky and juniors Allyson Burkett and Donte’ Grinstead traveled to the nation’s capital on Jan. 20-25 for the annual Ohio SkillsUSA Regional Officer Training Institute, where they joined about 40 representatives from around the state. While there, they took part in leadership training sessions, met legislative officials and toured Washington’s many landmarks and museums. 

   Banovsky, a small animal science student at JVS, serves as a state SkillsUSA officer and made his return to the capital after first attending last year as a regional officer. This time, he worked with regional officers from around the state such as Burkett and Grinstead, who were recently elected to represent the organization’s southeast regional office. He was excited about the opportunity and said his participation in SkillsUSA has made a major difference in his life.

   “We stayed in Frederick, Md., and visited the Frederick County Technical Center to see how they do SkillsUSA,” he said. “We also went to the SkillsUSA National Headquarters and four people got to participate in a wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery and we watched the changing of the guard. We also went on a night monument tour.”

   Banovsky added that he was among a group who visited with U.S. Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-Ohio) legislative aide and shared how SkillsUSA impacted his life, in addition to the importance of Perkins funding for education. As a state officer, Banovsky also helped train regional officers to prepare for regional competitions, including the southeast regional event on Feb. 23. He said SkillsUSA has proven vital to bolstering his confidence and he was happy to take part.

   “It’s amazing because I have become so much more confidence and it pushes me to do what I want to do,” Banovsky continued. “It’s helped me realize what I want to do with my life. It’s amazing to help other students see how this has helped me become the leader I am today. I think this is a great organization that everyone should know about.”

   He said students who take a classified career tech class in high school or home school could also join.

   Burkett, a health technologies student, said it was a great learning experience and she also befriended many other officers from throughout Ohio. Her group went to SkillsUSA’s national headquarters and made stops at the Holocaust Museum, World War II Memorial, Arlington Cemetery and Lincoln Memorial, plus they met with legislative representatives and toured the Capitol Building.

   “We had meetings [with legislative officials] and talked about why our schools are important and how they apply to the world and Ohio. It was a really good trip and I met a lot of good people,” Burkett commented. “I made a lot of friends and we are really close now.”

    Grinstead, who participates in the automotive service technology program at JCJVS, said his experience has honed his leadership skills.

    “My leadership skills have been boosted through the roof and I can be much more professional in a professional environment,” he said, adding that he visited the Holocaust Museum, the Vietnam Memorial and other sites and he enjoyed going to Washington.

  “I had a wonderful time. If I could do it again, I would.”

   The Ohio Association of SkillsUSA is a career-technical student organization serving students in high school and college post-secondary industrial, engineering and health career training programs statewide. SkillsUSA is a national organization that partners students, teachers and industry representatives to ensure America has a skilled workforce and prepares them for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations, including health occupations.

(Photo Cutline: Jefferson County Joint Vocational School students Donte’ Grinstead and Allyson Burkett, southeast regional officers for Ohio SkillsUSA, joined fellow JVS student and state officer Michael Banovsky for the Ohio SkillsUSA Regional Officer Training Institute in Washington, D.C., last month. About 40 teens from across the state took part in leadership training sessions, met legislative officials and toured Washington’s many landmarks and museums during their visit.)

JVS Board Organizes for Year
Posted 1/18/2019 at 10:18:42 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS School Board Meeting

BLOOMINGDALE- The Jefferson County Joint Vocational School Board of Education met to organize for 2019 and took action to operate the facility.

   Larry George, Barbara Cunningham and Randy Henry were re-appointed to the panel while George and Steve Bezak III remained in their respective posts as board president and vice president following elections. Officials then approved a variety of business from establishing the service fund to approving Superintendent Dr. Todd Phillipson as purchasing agent.

   During the subsequent regular meeting, the board was honored for School Board Recognition Month as Dr. Phillipson presented certificates from the Ohio School Board Association. Members also received JVS shirts and a meal catered by culinary arts students at the Crestview Inn Restaurant. The superintendent thanked the board for giving their time to improve educational opportunities for the students.

   “It is a privilege and an honor to work with the people on this board. You bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the board and I appreciate that,” he commented. “You do deserve the recognition for what you do in serving Jefferson County and the students. Your interest is about the students, and that’s what education is all about.”

   Principal Dan Hartman then updated officials on testing and graduation news, as well as the upcoming Spotlight on Skills competition. Hartman said students were completing online testing and students have scored well on exams. He added that the state permitted two more years of options for graduation and officials were making sure students met requirements.

   “Spotlight on Skills is set for next Thursday. Our program teachers as well as academic teachers are working hard to make sure the students are prepared,” he continued, saying community representatives were also being sought to judge the various categories and top placers will move on to the regional SkillsUSA competition in February.

   In other action, the board:

--Appointed George to serve as a delegate with Kim Mark as alternate at the annual business meeting of the OSBA Capital Conference;

--Discussed correspondence from former student Chris Flohr, who thanked officials for his time at the school and said it was a valuable experience;

--Approved Robert Harris as a substitute teacher for electrical trades for the remainder of the school year;

--Approved a bilateral articulation agreement with Eastern Gateway Community College for Internet and Interactive Digital Media Design AAB; Infomration Technology ATS; AAS Welding Technology Program and Electro-Mechanical Engineering- Associate of Technical Studety for 2019-23 graduates;

--Approved an articulation agreement with Pittsburgh Technical College for the criminal justice program;

--Approved the registration of 10 culinary arts students, the instructor and a chaperone to attend the ProStart Culinary and Management Competition in Columbus on Feb. 22-24;

--Approved sending students to the regional SkillsUSA competition on Feb. 23 at Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia;

--Learned that activities were being set to observe Career Technical Education Month in February;

--Discussed a workshop on passing tax issues set for Jan. 15;

--Discussed fire inspections completed in December by Johnson Controls and Warren Fire Equipment, Inc.

(Photo Cutline: Members of the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School Board of Education were honored for School Board Recognition Month during the regular meeting on Jan 15. Superintendent Dr. Todd Phillipson presented officials with certificates from the Ohio School Board Association, JVS shirts and a dinner at the Crestview Inn that was catered by culinary arts students. Pictured are, front from left, Dr. Phillipson, Vice President Steve Bezak III, President Larry George, Barbara Cunningham and Ruth Ann Bruzzese. Back: Treasurer Karen Spoonemore, Randy Henry, William Hendricks, John Prokopakis, Barry Gullen and Kim Mark.)

Spotlight on Skills Set for Jan. 24
Posted 1/15/2019 at 11:51:39 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Electrical Trade Spotlight on Skills

BLOOMINGDALE-Jefferson County Joint Vocational School students will showcase their knowledge during the Spotlight on Skills competition on Jan. 24.

   Students in academics and lab programs will take part throughout the day and events will be judged by community business members. Each school program has a student organization and pupils will compete to earn spots in regional competitions.

   SkillsUSA includes about 80 percent of the students while other groups include the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), Future Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Business Professionals of America (BPA) and the Future Farmers of America (FFA). The technical trade skills portion centers on more hands-on knowledge while the leadership segment views softer skills from CPR/First Aid to job interviews. Gold, silver and bronze awards will be distributed on Jan. 25 and top placers advance to regional competitions around February and March. Those who excel at the regionals have a chance to compete at the state events and potentially on the national level.

 “It’s not only SkillsUSA, FFA or BPA. Every student in the school will participate,” said Tammy Sismondo, SkillsUSA co-coordinator and HOSA advisor.

   Sismondo said first-place juniors and seniors in the organization will go to New Canton South High School on Feb. 2 to take part in such events as nurse assisting, home health aide and basic health care to occupation health and safety and Health Knowledge Bowl. Meanwhile, SkillsUSA students will head to their regional competition on Feb. 23 at the Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia and FCCLA and FFA students will advance to competitions around March. However, multimedia and design students will head to the BPA contest prior to the school event on Jan. 23.

(Photo Cutline: Electrical trades students practice for the Spotlight on Skills contest set for Jan. 24 at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School. Pictured are, from left, Coletin Devore, Logan Morrison, Joe Shook, instructor Buddy Davis and Blaine Williams working with a circuit test board in their lab.)

Scrubbing up
Posted 1/15/2019 at 11:49:27 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS SAS Scrubbing Up

Juniors in the small animal science program at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School practiced sterile scrubbing, gowning and gloving in their lab. The program gives students knowledge and experience to pursue careers or degrees in veterinary medicine or animal care.

Toy Drive Benefits Akron Children’s Hospital
Posted 1/15/2019 at 11:46:34 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]

   BLOOMINGDALE-Students in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America organization at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School want to brighten the lives of sick children by providing new toys for those receiving hospital care.

 The organization is currently holding an after-Christmas toy drive to benefit Akron Children’s Hospital and is seeking new items to bring some smiles to the young patients. Senior Brie Sheets is spearheading the campaign, saying she was inspired after attending an FCCLA leadership workshop in October with fellow group members Brooke Mitchell, Hannah Mitchell and Sasha Mitchell. They were among an estimated 400 FCCLA students from middle and high schools statewide who heard lectures and learned how to work together in addition to being leaders. 

   “They told us to think of events that would help the community,” Sheets said. “I decided on Akron Children’s Hospital. It’s personal for me because I plan on attending college there next year.”

   Sheets said she plans to attend the University of Akron and study early childhood education, after which she hopes to become an intervention specialist.

   The collection lasts until Feb. 28 and organizers are accepting new toys and there are stipulations about what can be donated. Items must be in their original packaging and must not depict violence or have loose materials, mirrors, glitter, feathers, sand, synthetic animal hair, food or fragrance. Sheets said toys may be dropped off at the ECE preschool or Edison High School, the latter of which is her home school. With each donation, the contributor’s name goes into a raffle drawing for a chance to win one of two $25 Visa gift cards and winners will be chosen by Feb. 30.

   Sheets said the toys will be delivered to the hospital at the end of February.

ECE Students Shadowing Local Sites
Posted 1/15/2019 at 11:45:25 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS ECE Job Shadowing

BLOOMINGDALE-Early childhood education students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School will spend nine weeks gaining some experience by shadowing local facilities.

   Seniors Emily Manley and Brooke Mitchell will assist teachers and gain more hands-on learning outside of the vocational program. Manley will head to Country Kids Day Care in Wintersville to work with infants while Mitchell will go into the classroom at Harrison East Elementary in Hopedale to help with preschool and second-grade classes. Both will complete their duties around mid-March.

 “I will be taking care of small infants,” Manley said, noting it is different from the preschool-aged kids she’s used to in the ECE program. “I will be there two days a week and they will teach me how to do what they are doing. I’m very excited and it will actually help with the job I plan to do after school.”

   Manley, the daughter of Jeffrey and Tiffany Manley of Wintersville and a student at Indian Creek High School, plans to attend English Nanny and Governess School in Cleveland upon graduation. She said working with kids has been a lifelong dream, from the time she attended Jefferson County Christian School to her involvement at Wintersville United Methodist Church.

   “My parents made me realize this is what I want to do. It’s always been there, I just never realized it,” she added, saying her time at JCJVS has helped prepare her for her career. “It’s helped me a lot with understanding the kids’ needs and you can build up their moods no matter how they feel. It’s just the love that they give you.”

    She noted that she may pursue an art degree in the future since she also has a passion for creativity.

   Mitchell, the daughter of Delena and Larry Mitchell of Hopedale and a student at Harrison Central High School, will join her mother, who is an aide, in the classroom at Hopedale throughout the week and said she was looking forward to the opportunity.

 “I will work with the aides and will actually be in the classroom with my mom,” she said. “I think working in here [with the ECE program] and then going to the preschool in Harrison, there are more kids here and you learn how they think and how they do more hands-on activities.”

   While her future goal is not education-related, she does still hope to work with schools in some capacity.

 “Once I graduate, I will go into physical therapy,” Mitchell said. “I might work in schools once I get my doctorate in physical therapy and my EMT’s license. I am very excited about it. All of my family is in the medical field, so it’s worked for me.”

   She credits her time in the ECE program and has enjoyed being part of the JVS.

   “I love it here. I’m so glad I chose to come here.”

   ECE instructor Becky Kelley said the job shadowing program gives students a chance to view what it’s like to work in the real world.

   “They can do it during the second semester depending on how many students we have. Some go during the third nine weeks and some go the fourth nine weeks. [Where they go] is based on their interests and they are put where they can get experience. We’ve reached out to stakeholders to see if they were interested in helping,” Kelley commented. “This gives students more experience I may not provide here and it is experience they get before they go on to school to make sure that’s what they want to do. It expands their horizons.”

(Photo Cutline: Emily Manley and Brooke Mitchell, seniors in the early childhood education program at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, are gaining some job experience by shadowing local facilities and assisting with kids. Manley will be part of the Country Kids Day Care in Wintersville while Mitchell heads to Harrison East Elementary in Hopedale to aid preschool and second-grade students. They will wrap up their duties around mid-March.)

JVS Student Finding Success in Different Arena
Posted 12/26/2018 at 1:54:43 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Sarah Fox and Bandit

BLOOMINGDALE-When it comes to working with a top dog, Sarah Fox has got it handled.

   Fox, the daughter of Jim and Neva Fox of Rayland and a junior in the culinary arts program at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, took her four-year-old Smooth Collie to the American Kennel Club National Championship Dog Show in Orlando, Fla., on Dec. 16 where he placed first for his breed out of 21 contenders and is in the running to become first in the country in his class. Now, they will be featured when the dog show is set to air on the Animal Planet this New Year’s Day at 6 p.m.

   The Buckeye Local High School student began her journey at age 8 by showing a dog at the Jefferson County 4-H, but Bandit, who is co-owned by Robin Reed, Virginia Reed Mehr and Joann Thomas, showed potential for something more. Fox has taken him to shows each weekend for the past two years, traveling to Michigan, New York, Maryland and Virginia. During that time, they have attended the prestigious Westminster Dog Show and the Purina Nationals and earned such honors as No. 1 Junior Collie Handler, No. 1 All Breed Smooth Collie, No. 4 Breed Smooth Collie and No. 1. Owner Handler Breed in the country.

   “You work every day with them while they are puppies,” she explained of the training, saying Bandit’s wins could put him in line for a very distinctive spot. “He gets points towards being in the Top 10 in the country and may be No. 1 in the country. His stats come in February but he’s in the Top 10 for his breed.”

   Fox said both she and her parents were delighted by their success.

   “They think it’s pretty amazing,” she commented. “We never would have imagined how far we have gone in such a short period of time.”

 She will continue showing him and her two Rough Collies, Dixie and Song, and is scheduled to go to Tallmadge, Ohio, in January as well as other competitions.

   “We’ve got a couple of class females who will be coming out this year to be specials,” she said. “I plan on taking them to the nationals.”                            

(Photo Cutline: Jefferson County Joint Vocational School student Sarah Fox and her four-year-old Smooth Collie, Bandit, gained honors at the AKC National Championship in Florida this month and the show is set to air on Animal Planet this New Year’s Day at 6 p.m. Bandit, who is also owned by Robin Reed, Virginia Reed Mehr and Joann Thomas, has earned a bevy of national titles while Fox has become a top junior handler in the country.)

Father’s Day
Posted 12/21/2018 at 3:17:50 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Cosmo Father's Day

A few junior cosmetology students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School got a chance to practice their clipping skills on some familiar faces when they performed their first haircuts on their proud papas Dec. 18. Instructor Diane Dalesio said students could invite friends and loved ones and among the participants were junior Catalina Mazzoferro with her dad, Matt.

JVS First to Have Camera System Linked to 911
Posted 12/21/2018 at 3:14:13 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Cameras Linked to 911 System

BLOOMINGDALE-Jefferson County Joint Vocational School is enhancing security even further by providing a connection to county 911 officials in the event of emergencies.

    JCJVS is the first school district to have its camera system connected to the county 911 center, giving officials the ability to view on-campus emergencies as they unfold. Ron Peach, JVS technology coordinator, said the link was made in November and provides 911 officials with a close look at the facilities during a response.

   “If we have an emergency in the building, they can immediately look at the cameras and report it to the police,” Peach said. “We are the first school who contacted them to do it. I thought we were behind on it and other schools would have done it, but I found out we were the first.”

    A virtual private network, or VPN, was installed at the 911 center to grant access to the school system and emergency officials can see clear feed of hallways, the cafeteria, vestibule and throughout the parking lots and premises. The JCJVS also updated its security system this year with 30 high-definition Axis cameras on the interior and exterior perimeters of the building to enhance the quality of the views. The all-digital system is handled through the server and uses sophisticated software, plus school leaders can view it from anywhere they have internet access.

   Assistant Principal Sis Abdalla said she likes the ability to review locations with the touch of a button.

   “I can click and have all of my hallways and click and have the cafeteria if I want to observe that or view a parking lot,” she commented.

   The school made other safety updates this year by replacing nine doors, adding 3M protective film on windows and remodeling the front office to see visitors more easily at the front door. Additionally, a camera is trained on anyone who enters the building and the site also has the capability to use a heat map and alert officials when someone is in a protected area.

    Peach said the county 911 link was just another way to boost safety efforts.

   “Anytime there is an emergency, they can push a single button and view our cameras. It’s something every school should do eventually,” he added. “It’s definitely a best practice.”

(Photo Cutline: Ron Peach, technology coordinator for the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, reviews security cameras around the campus that offer enhanced views of the premises. The Jefferson County 911 Center also has access to the system through a virtual private network connection and can watch live feed during emergencies. JCJVS is the first school district in the county to have such a link with the emergency system.)

TTW Collects for Cat Initiative
Posted 12/21/2018 at 3:09:51 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS TTW St. Gertrude

BLOOMINGDALE-Transition to Work students at Jefferson County Vocational School are giving “paws” for a good cause this holiday by assisting the St. Gertrude Cat Initiative.

   Students collected pet food and cleaning supplies for the Richmond-based organization which seeks to find forever homes for the felines. The St. Gertrude Cat Initiative, which is named for the Catholic patron saint of cats, is federally recognized and registered with the state. TTW instructor Christina Henderson said operator Brandi Damewood began the initiative after seeing a need to handle the overpopulation of cats in the community.

   “She started this and her saying is ‘Love the Unloved,’” Henderson added. “She and others foster cats and she puts emphasis on spaying and neutering. Her program completely relies on donations.”

   St. Gertrude raises funds for spaying and neutering, vaccinations, equipment and upkeep, food, medication, supplies for building shelters, bottles, kitten formula, heating pads and veterinary bills. Henderson learned of the organization after she sought assistance herself.

   “I had a cat show up at my house and it had a litter of kittens. I took care of them and then took them to her for new homes,” she said. “She’s been a lifesaver for those animals.”

   To help Damewood further her cause, TTW students began collecting food, cleaning supplies, litter, paper towels, paper towels and toys and wrapped up shortly before Christmas break. Several said they were cat lovers and were more than happy to lend a hand.

   Both Elijah Fox and Angela Talbott said they liked the campaign, while Fox noted that he enjoyed showing his felines at the county fair. Classmate Hope Reed said the collection was a wonderful experience.

    “We went to get stuff for the cats and it was amazing,” Reed said.

   For more information on how you can help the St. Gertrude Cat Initiative, go online to www.catinitiative.org or check out its Facebook page.

(Photo Cutline: Elijah Fox, Angela Talbott and Hope Reed, students in the Transition to Work program at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, collected food and supplies for the St. Gertrude Cat Initiative of Richmond. The goods were gathered prior to Christmas break to assist the organization, which seeks to counter the problem of cat overpopulation.)

Santa Claus Comes to JVS
Posted 12/21/2018 at 3:03:09 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Santa Visits Preschoolers

Santa Claus ventured down from the North Pole to visit kids in Jefferson County Joint Vocational School’s early childhood education program during the preschool Christmas party on Dec. 20. More than 40 parents, grandparents, ECE students and preschoolers gathered for food, crafts, songs and some early gift-giving from Jolly Old St. Nick. Santa is pictured here treating four-year-old Aleena Brabham to a Christmas present.

JVS Starts FFA Chapter
Posted 12/18/2018 at 2:25:22 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS FFA Chapter

The Jefferson County Joint Vocational School has new chapter through the small animal science program. Class officers were elected for the 2018-19 school year and include, front from left, Haley Sorg, vice president; Autumn Nile, reporter; and Alison Lynn, secretary. Back: Emily Moore, advisor; Zach Lewis, sentinel; Michael Banvosky, president; Heaven Smith, historian; Salenna Hoover, senior treasurer; and Jackie Zrinyi, junior treasurer.

School SRO Gains Honor
Posted 12/13/2018 at 1:21:31 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Timko

BLOOMINGDALE-Deputy Bill Timko is often seen walking the halls at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School where he serves as a school resource officer, but he has been recognized in another aspect of his field.

   Deputy Timko was named Michael Brandle Memorial Operator of the Year for 2018 through the Jefferson County Special Response Team, making him the very first recipient of the honor. He was recognized by the roughly 20-member group during an annual dinner on Dec. 8. The distinction is named for Deputy Michael Brandle, a fellow SRT member who suffered a fatal heart attack during a training session in 2015, and Timko said he was humbled to earn the accolade.

 “This award was voted on by members of the SRT and to have their approval means a great deal, but without them I couldn’t do it,” he said. “They all share a part in this award and we constantly push each other to be at our best and always have each other’s back.”

   He was equally honored to be an SRT member, saying it comprises much of their free time and it is never known when they will be called to action. The team is all volunteer and must be ready at a moment’s notice. That aspect is nothing new to him since his father is a former volunteer fireman and his brother-in-law retired from the Air Force after 23 years of service and several deployments overseas.

   However, law enforcement wasn’t his first choice of vocation. Timko, a 1998 graduate of Bishop Donahue High School, attended Thiel College in Pennsylvania to study secondary social studies but that path eventually changed and led him to serve others in another capacity. 

   “My family has a long history of working in public service and government. When 9/11 happened, I wondered what I could do,” he said.

    He entered the Eastern Ohio Law Enforcement Academy in Belmont County from 2006-07 and worked for several small town police departments before joining the JCSO. He has served with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for seven years and became SRO around the same time. Deputy Timko was working in the justice center when Sheriff Abdalla approached him about the SRO position at the vocational school, and that turned out to be a perfect fit.

      “I like the JVS a lot. I like to share my knowledge and teach people, so my environment goes with it. My dad currently coaches kids at John Marshall High School, so this combines a lot of my passions.”

      Deputy Timko noted that being the first award recipient was truly an honor and paid tribute to Deputy Brandle as both a colleague and a friend.

   “Mike was not only a co-worker but a very good friend, and to even be mentioned in the same breath as him is in itself an honor. He was the moniker of the ‘One Man SWAT Team’ and he earned it. There will never be anyone like him,” he continued. “This also shows the type of person [Sheriff Fred Abdalla] hires. He sees not only the person but the character of the person and has the belief and confidence in them that sometimes that person doesn’t even see in himself.”

   He also included family, friends and coaches in sharing the award, saying each of them helped get him to where he was today.

   “They all helped instill a hard work ethic, drive, determination and compassion to help others when needed. Without them, I wouldn’t be the man I am.”

(Photo Cutline: Deputy Bill Timko, who serves the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and is school resource officer at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, was the first recipient of the Michael Brandle Memorial Operator of the Year Award by the county Special Response Team during an annual dinner. Deputy Timko was humbled to gain the distinction, which is named in honor of a fellow SRT member who passed away in 2015.)

ECE Students Perform Job Shadowing
Posted 12/13/2018 at 1:17:14 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS ECE Job Shadow

About 20 juniors and seniors in the early childhood education program at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School completed job shadowing at Harrison North Elementary School in Scio on Dec. 7, where they worked with students and got a taste of real life in the classroom. Instructor Becky Kelley said they helped administer spelling tests, assisted students with projects and observed different grade levels in action. Students have traveled to North, where her brother Michael Saffell is principal, as well as other schools to gain field experience and work with children. Among those participating were, front from left, Amber Anderson, Brooke Mitchell, Hannah Mitchell, Gracie Wade, Jayda McQuistion, Sasha Mitchell, Haley Beaver, India Hargrove and Jessica Geiger. Middle: Natasha Fedorka, Tressa Howard, Emily Manley, Amanda Merideth, Greg Kelley, Maysha Mullins, Brianna Sheets, Kayla Habbit and Abbi Smith. Back: Amyjo Fithen and Destiny Howder.

Rendering Aid
Posted 12/13/2018 at 1:14:15 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]

Power mechanics students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School got a lesson in First Aid and CPR to obtain certification. The group trained with criminal justice instructor Jamie Freeman and viewed videos from the American Heart Association while also working with adult and infant mannequins on First Aid, CPR and Automatic External Defibrillators. Participating in the training exercise were juniors Malcolm Walker, front, and Seth Fitzgerald in back.

JVS Holds Blood Drive
Posted 12/11/2018 at 1:04:12 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Blood Drive 2018

BLOOMINGDALE-Dozens of people turned out for the biannual blood drive held Dec. 10 at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School.

   The school’s health technologies program teamed up with the American Red Cross to collect blood from donors and about 53 people registered to give of themselves. About 45 units were expected and all of the viable blood will help save a life. Health tech students manned stations, signing in donors and accompanying them to the collection station headed by ARC medical personnel, as well as helping them get refreshed and rested at the canteen.

   JVS students were among those rolling up their sleeves—some for the first time—and all of them said it was important to give.

  It was the second time for junior carpentry students Jacob Hejduk and Noah Hanlin and senior automotive service tech student Chad Vance to participate.

   “I just felt like it was my duty because of my blood type,” said Hejduk. “I have the universal blood type and can help anybody, and I feel like it’s my duty as a citizen to do it.”

   “I can help someone,” Hanlin added, while Vance also agreed and said it was good to donate.

   Cassandra Reed, a senior health tech student, was excited to help for the first time.

   “I’ve always wanted to do it and just never could,” she said.

   The next blood drive is being scheduled for this spring and graduating health tech students could also earn Red Cross scholarships for $250 to $500 based on student participation.



(Photo Cutline: Jefferson County Joint Vocational School students Noah Hanlin and Chad Vance were among the donors who took part in the biannual blood drive held Dec. 10 at the school. The event was coordinated by the health tech program in conjunction with the American Red Cross. About 53 people registered to donate and 45 viable units were sought. Another blood drive will take place in the spring.)

Students Named Regional Officers
Posted 12/4/2018 at 12:32:25 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS SkillsUSA Regional Officers

BLOOMINGDALE-Two Jefferson County Joint Vocational School students have joined the ranks as representatives for Ohio SkillsUSA.

   Juniors Allyson Burkett and Donte’ Grinstead were elected to the southeast regional office during the annual Ohio SkillsUSA Leadership Conference at the Columbus Convention Center in November. Burkett and Grinstead, who both attend Indian Creek High School, were excited to be chosen during the event. The southeast region includes 300 students from more than 20 schools and it is the third time in three years that JCJVS has had students chosen for posts.

   Burkett, daughter of Kristen and Dennis Burkett of Wintersville and a health technologies student, said she was inspired to run by a friend who currently serves as a state officer.

   “I decided to run for it because my friend [fellow JVS student Michael Banovsky] was a state officer and told me about it,” she said. “It’s really nice because you get to talk to people [at the conference] and they elect you.”

   She also hopes to parlay her current post into a higher goal.

   “I hope to share knowledge and get to know people around Ohio and I may go to the state office, too,” she commented.

   She is active in school activities, including performing in the ICHS Marching Band as a bari saxophone player, Key Club and Upward Bound Trio. Burkett hopes to continue in the healthcare field upon graduation and become a registered nurse.

   Grinstead, son of Rene’ Quarles and Richard Graves of Mingo Junction and a student in the automotive service technology program, said he was inspired to take a leadership role to enhance his life.

   “I’m trying to do what I can and I saw this as a gateway,” he said. “It was awesome [to be elected] and I want to be the best I can be.”

   Upon graduation, he plans to enter the U.S. Army and head to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where he hopes to become a carpentry and masonry specialist. He said his time at JCJVS has proven to be fruitful in preparing for his endeavors.

    “It’s taught me to have a better work ethic and responsibilities,” he noted.

      Next, the students will attend the Ohio SkillsUSA Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C., in January and join about 40 other teen officers from throughout the state. Highlights of the trip will include leadership training sessions, meeting legislative representatives and touring Washington’s great monuments and museums. 

   The Ohio Association of SkillsUSA is a career-technical student organization serving students in high school and college post-secondary industrial, engineering and health career training programs statewide. SkillsUSA is a national organization that partners students, teachers and industry representatives to ensure America has a skilled workforce and prepares them for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations, including health occupations.

(Photo Cutline: Jefferson County Joint Vocational School students Allyson Burkett and Donte’ Grinstead were named southeast regional officers during the Ohio SkillsUSA Leadership Conference last month. They will join about 40 other officers from across the state for the Ohio SkillsUSA Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C., in January.)

JVS Holding Blood Drive Dec. 10
Posted 12/4/2018 at 12:26:55 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]

BLOOMINGDALE-The health technologies program at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School is teaming up once again with the American Red Cross to conduct a blood drive on Dec. 10. 

   The event will take place in the program room from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and health tech students will man stations while Red Cross officials will oversee the blood collection. School and community members can participate and walk-in service is available. Donors must provide a photo ID while those aged 18 and under have certain weight and height requirements. For example, a student must be at least 4 feet 10 inches in height and weigh 146 pounds. Organizers said about 40-60 people have participated in the past and the Red Cross provides scholarships for $250 to $500 based on student participation. A second event is generally held in the spring.

   Donors may come in and register that day or schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or going online to www.redcrossblood.org and entering JVS.

Counseling Services Aid Emotional Well-Being
Posted 11/28/2018 at 11:21:59 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]

BLOOMINGDALE-Students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School have an emotional outlet through a special partnership with Trinity Counseling Services.

    Megan Jarvis, a licensed professional counselor with Trinity, visits the school each Monday to meet with individual students but now holds voluntary group sessions to discuss anger management and other issues. The first such session was held Nov. 19 and Jarvis was very optimistic about the outcome.

    “My supervisor Don Ogden and I are doing counseling based in the school systems and we do individual counseling and crisis management with students who have social and behavioral problems,” she explained. “[JCJVS Assistant Principal Sis Abdalla] thought it would be good to have group discussions on anger management, coping skills and behavioral and mental issues.”

   Jarvis said the youth provided some topics for future sessions while others will focus on communication, relationships and anxiety and depression. She said the sessions have been productive and give students a sense of relief when they talk to an independent party.

   “It gives a different perspective and techniques to help with their daily life,” she added. “They liked the camaraderie [in the group meetings] and saw that everyone has some kind of issue.”

    The program has existed at other schools since 2016 and she also works within the Indian Creek Local and Steubenville City School Districts. Jarvis is presently at the JVS twice a month but may add another day to accommodate the group and individual meetings.

   “There was a need in the schools. I do an adolescent program at Trinity and a lot of kids need behavioral health, as well. Their parents may not be able to get them to appointments, so being at the school helps because they are already here. The teachers also see them every day and may have some insight.”

   Abdalla said having the counselor on hand provides some extra support for teens who have problems in their personal life. The program, combined with positive behavioral and intervention supports (PBIS), hopes to reduce incidents and promote emotional well-being.

   “I think our students know we truly care about them and that there are behaviors that are not acceptable. They need to know what acceptable behavior is in society, on the job or in their future classroom. Issues are also addressed with PBIS.”

    She added that the JCJVS board and Principal Dan Hartman were supportive, so officials formulated some topics, created signs in the school and sent one-calls to parents and emails to students to inform them of the opportunity.

   “We planned on it being once a month with sessions in the morning and afternoon, but after it was so successful, we are going to decide whether to do more. We are trying to find out what is causing their stress and conflict and how to handle or deter it. We opened it up to everyone and everyone is invited.”

Open House at JVS
Posted 11/20/2018 at 1:40:29 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Open House

Potential students and their parents toured the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School in Bloomingdale on Nov. 19 to learn more about the site’s 15 programs from auto service to welding, but an HVAC course is being eyed to return in the fall to fill a niche in the construction and maintenance fields. Instructors and staff provided information about program offerings, including health technologies instructor Tammy Sismondo who is pictured with a few of the attendants.

MAD Students, EM-Media Promote School
Posted 11/20/2018 at 1:00:33 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS MAD Promotion

BLOOMINGDALE-Anyone who has spotted billboards and commercials promoting the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School would be interested to know that all of the advertisements were created by the students themselves.

   For the past four years, JCJVS has teamed up with the EM-Media marketing agency of Steubenville to publicize the school and its diverse trade programs. The students are responsible for producing the 10 billboards dotting the county and filming spots that EM-Media representatives then prepare for distribution. MAD instructor Cody Larue said the partnership has given students a look at what happens in the real world.

   “We released brand new commercials and billboards and students shot and edited the videos,” he explained. “We worked on this during the first two months of school.”

    He added that recruitment videos, school advertisements and related projects are all formulated in the program lab 12 students were organized by senior project leaders Jon-Paul Lavoie and Mara Burress. Larue added that seniors ran the lab and the juniors learned the ropes to prepare for similar roles next year.

   “We took pictures and shot video footage of all the programs and the students ran this entire lab like a company. They set up and scheduled interviews with students and had consultations with program teachers, organized pre-production and planning through post-production.”

   Lavoie and Burress said they have gained a wealth of knowledge in the process.

   “You get to create something that represents your school and community,” said Lavoie, who also serves as the class president. “It is work experience and gives you an idea at least of what it’s like in the real world. It was definitely an experience that was worth having.”

    “It was kind of a challenge but it definitely was a learning experience,” Burress added.

     In addition to school promotions, the MAD program also handles graphic designs for shirts included in its new online apparel store, helps prepare for the school’s eighth-grade visits and sophomore tours and produces videos and other promotions for homecoming events and community projects.

   “The whole idea is that they run this class as a real-world experience of being in a production company,” Larue commented. “They have multiple tasks and meet to discuss projects and management.”

   Michael Emmerling, account executive with EM-Media, said it has been a pleasure collaborating with the students and the company has also provided mentorship so pupils could learn about actual operations.

   “This is my third year but we’ve done it for about four years,” he said. “It’s great. Three years ago, [EM-Media rep] Tim Long and I went to the students and told them what needed to go on TV and they continued to improve it and make it grow. We’ve done 10 billboards and the commercials have aired on Comcast, WTOV-TV 9, plus we’ve also done digital work with social media and it has been streaming in the area on [such sites as] Apple TV and Hulu.”

   Meanwhile, EM-Media has hosted students at the company to give them a closer look at operations. Emmerling said two students visited for mentorship in recent weeks with two more expected after the Thanksgiving holiday.

(Photo Cutline: Multimedia and design students Mara Burress and Jon-Paul Lavoie review work done to promote Jefferson County Joint Vocational School. The program has partnered with the EM-Media marketing agency of Steubenville and produced billboards, television spots and ads for digital streaming to publicize the school and its diverse trade programs.)

Safety First
Posted 11/20/2018 at 12:51:22 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS OSHA 10 Training

About 30 carpentry and power mechanics students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School underwent two days of OSHA 10 safety training on Nov. 19-20 with Jeremy Dennis, representative of the Joint Apprenticeship Training Center in Columbus. Students gain certification which will give them an advantage once they join the workforce.

Doing the ‘Do
Posted 11/20/2018 at 12:45:54 PM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS Family and Friends Day

Junior cosmetology students had a chance to showcase their hairstyling talents on loved ones during Family and Friends Day at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School on Nov. 19. Among those getting their ‘do done were, seated from left, Beth Leland and Jensen Agin while students Arianna D’Ambra, Leland’s daughter, and Agin’s cousin Shayla Agin were the stylists.

JVS Collects Food for CDI Pantry
Posted 11/9/2018 at 9:43:43 AM by Kristina Ash [staff member]
JVS CDI Food Drive

BLOOMINGDALE-The school and community pulled together to benefit cancer patients and their families with a special holiday food drive for the Cancer Dietary Initiative.

   More than 2,500 non-perishable items were collected for the organization in Steubenville that provides food to cancer patients who are financially struggling or do not have access to sustenance while undergoing their life-saving treatment. Jill McVicker, event committee chair, said students were challenged each week to bring in two specific items including sweet potatoes, stuffing, turkey gravy, instant potatoes, canned pumpkin and cranberry jelly. The top collectors were the power mechanics, carpentry and early childhood education labs with the power mechanics students earning a pizza party as a reward. The amount of food raised this year exceeds last year’s total of 1,700 items and will go to the pantry at First Westminster Presbyterian Church on North Fourth Street for its Thanksgiving distribution.

  “We raised 2,511 cans and $450 cash for CDI,” McVicker said, adding that other schools and organizations took part in the effort. “My sons attend St. Mary’s School in Martins Ferry and wanted to do something, so they had dress-up days for $1. Then the St. Mary’s School in St. Clairsville wanted to help and sent a check for $50.”

    She also thanked Don Jones of Smithfield Evangelical Friends Church, the JVS students and staff and vendors who took part in the Anthony D’Aurora Memorial Quarters for Cancer Quarter Auction on Nov. 4. The vendors also had a chance to donate 10 food items for inclusion in prize drawing.

    Meanwhile, the quarter auction has raised more than $30,500 since its inception six years ago and McVicker said it was definitely successful this year. More than 300 people were on hand and 37 vendors sold everything from crafts to jewelry while more goods were up for bid during the quarter auction. Last year’s total receipts broke records at $10,000 and officials said the latest numbers were being tabulated but should exceed that figure.

(Photo Cutline: Students in the power mechanics lab at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School placed first in a contest to collect the most food for the Cancer Dietary Initiative, earning a pizza party reward for their efforts. The holiday food drive was held throughout October and gained 2,511 non-perishable items from the school and community. Pictured with a few of the items are, from left, Jacob Moore, Hunter Thompson, Isaiah Shannon, James Shell, Daniel Sammut, Sage Schloss, Zach Daniels, Dakota Kernen, Chris Young, Seth Fitzgerald, Damon Petrosino, Malcolm Walker and Nathan Truax.)

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