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The Jefferson Health Plan

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The Jefferson County Governing Board serves as fiscal agent for The Jefferson Health Plan, a partially self-funded insurance program established in 1985, which provides health care and related insurance benefits to over one hundred member organizations throughout the State of Ohio.

Self-insurance provides the opportunity for employers to save money by eliminating risk and profit charges otherwise built into rates charged for fully insured plans.  The Jefferson Health Plan members also benefit from lower administrative and stop loss insurance fees negotiated by the consortium on behalf of its thousands of covered employees and their families.

The Jefferson Health Plan takes the concept of partial self-insurance one step further by combining similar entities into a common rating pool.  This concept allows the consortium to share among members the risks of fluctuations in monthly and annual claims, which are otherwise inherent in the health care plans of individual employers. The Jefferson Health Plan purchases stop loss insurance that provides individual members and The Jefferson Health Plan protection from risks associated with individual and aggregate catastrophic claims.

All this enables The Jefferson Health Plan to offer its members lower costs and more stable, predictable funding levels over time. 

Consider the benefits of partnering with The Jefferson Health Plan, as have over one hundred Ohio public school districts and government entities.  Contact the VP of Growth, Retention, and Administration - James Herring [email protected] at the Jefferson County Educational Service Center  directly for more information on how The Jefferson Health Plan can serve your needs.
For more information about The Jefferson Health Plan, visit www.thejeffersonhealthplan.org.
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