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Service and Price List as of 4/2021
Service                                               Price
Psychologist                                      $420 to $525 per day*

Speech Therapist                              $320 to $500 per day*

Preschool Teacher                            $350 to $400 per day*

SBH Teacher                                       $400 to $450 per day*

Work Study                                         $300 to $350 per day*

Occupational Therapy                       $450 to $500 per day*

Nurse                                                  $200 to $250 per day*

Visually Impaired Teacher                $325 to $400 per day*

Paraprofessional                               $85 to $250 per day*

Professional Development               $30.50 per student - Member District**
                                                             $400 to $500 per day - Non-Member District**

Technology                                         $150 to $200 per day

Alternative School                             $36 per day - Member District
                                                             $75 per day - Non-Member District

OTES, OPES Evaluation                     $262.50 per teacher/per day

Operations Administration                $262.50 per day
(Food Service/Transportation)

Virtual Learning Academy                 Per Pricing Sheet

Fiscal Agent                                        5% of total revenue

Community School Sponsor              3% of total revenue

ERate Assistance                                $50 to $75 per hour

Background Checks                          $30 BCII/$40 FBI (cash payment); 
                                                             $31 BCI/$41 FBI (credit card payment)

Spelling Bee                                       No charge to member districts

Academic Competition                      No charge to member districts
*  The cost for these individuals is based on historical data.  The cost can vary depending 
     on the individual's experience, insurance needs, education, etc.  Member districts have the 
     opportunity to share these costs in an effort to save dollars.
** Annual cost for member districts is based on the district ADM.  Non-Member district cost
     will be on a per day/per ESC employee charge.
DISCLAIMER:  All costs may change depending on the level of government funding for each program.  Services provided and the costs listed are for those services as of APRIL 2021, and subject to change.  The Jefferson County ESC reserves the right to change the method of determining the cost associated with any service.
Please contact the ESC if there is a service needed that is not listed above.  A determination will be made to see if it is feasible to provide the service at a reasonable cost.
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