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VLA Business Course Description (Grades 9-12)

Business Math

1 Semester: 18 Units

This course is a semester course designed with lots of practical applications of mathematics. Students compute work wages, commission, piecework pay, tips, and net pay for an earnings statement. They record checkbook progress, reconcile checking account statements and examine various types of savings accounts; and use recursive functions such as determining compound interest for a financial investment. Students create and analyze tabular and graphical displays of data such as making and adjusting budgets and displaying results in circle graphs; determine measures of central tendency and create and interpret frequency tables, stem-and-leaf plots, and bar graphs. Students compute sales tax, use installment plans, and investigate finance charges associated with credit cards; examine comparative shopping techniques including best buys, discount prices, catalog orders, and the consumer price index. Students use scale drawings and estimate and compute perimeter, area, and volume in real-world problem situations; examine permutations and combinations and their applications in consumer situations; compute the probability of compound events, independent events, and dependent events. Students compute with matrices, representing and generalizing real-world problem situations; examine purchasing and owning a car including gas mileage, depreciation, insurance coverage and financing; determine the costs of financing a home including house payment, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and improvements; estimate total costs for a trip by determining distance on a map, calculating gas mileage, finding best buy for lodging, and exchanging currency; and connect statistical techniques to consumer situations by evaluating health, sports and advertising data.

Marketing Basics

1 Semester: 18 Units
Students taking the Marketing Basics course will learn about the basic components of marketing, its methods and uses for businesses/companies. Marketing focuses on the promotion of various products offered by businesses/companies and can include either goods or services. Topics that will be discussed throughout this course will include: understanding what marketing is, promotion, missions statements, pricing, advertising, decision-making, digital marketing, developing new ideas, supply chains, sales, and customer relationship management.
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