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'Working with Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) has been a transformative experience, significantly enhancing our educational approach. VLA's flexible platform empowers us to tailor a curriculum that resonates with our diverse student body, ensuring each student's unique educational needs are met. This personalized approach has led to more engaged and motivated learners, as the content is directly relevant to their individual learning paths.

Collaborating with the VLA staff has been equally remarkable. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction. Whether it's providing timely support, offering innovative solutions, or sharing best practices, the VLA team consistently goes above and beyond. Their dedication not only makes the implementation process seamless but also instills a sense of confidence and trust, knowing that we have a strong support system in place. The VLA staff's proactive approach has greatly contributed to our program's success, reflecting their genuine investment in our students' educational journey.'

- Bill Watson
Utica Shale Academy, Superintendent

'VLA has provided our students with rigorous, yet accessible, courses to help them meet their educational goals. Valley Virtual Remote Learning Academy is considered a high performing community school, and our online curriculum has certainly contributed to this status. Students are able to work independently and seek assistance as needed. Parents are able to monitor progress, and access feedback in a timely manner. Through collaboration and communication, Valley Virtual has grown with VLA and JCESC.'

- Gina Christy and Stacy Rutana
Valley Virtual Teachers

'It looks like your curriculum had a positive impact on our American History and American Government proficiency rates.

Many schools are seeing a noticeable decline in testing scores, likely in connection to COVID.  For the most part, our scores held pretty consistent with past testing data.  We actually saw significant increases in the areas of American History and American Government.  The new curriculum from VLA could potentially factor into this increase.  Math continues to be the biggest challenge for our students.  Many of our students are very deficient in mathematics upon enrolling.  We will continue to work together in the upcoming school year to find ways to help our students overcome learning deficits and demonstrate mastery at a higher proficiency level in all subject areas.  I hope you are enjoying your summer! 
ELA 2 (Spring 2021): 20% 
ELA 2 (Fall 2019): 18% 
Algebra 1 (Spring 2021): 3% 
Algebra 1 (Fall 2019): 6% 
Geometry (Spring 2021): 5% 
Geometry (Fall 2019): 4% 
Biology (Spring 2021): 18% 
Biology (Fall 2019): 21% 
American History (Spring 2021): 43% 
American History (Fall 2019): 27% 
American Government (Spring 2021): 42% 
American Government (Fall 2019): 26% 
Ryan Bohn
Principal, Townsend Community School 


'It's actually going quite well.  I think it helps that I'm teaching electives so I know what the teachers are seeing and hearing questions from the kids and parents.  I've found the platform very user friendly!  It's also a nice piece when a parent gets upset and I can respond as not only the teacher but the superintendent...they calm down real quick!  HA!  We did pull some kids off that thought online meant "I can work on what I want when I want" and were failing.  The ones who are online second semester now are on for the right reasons and should have a successful semester.   I'm really glad we partnered with you.  It's been a good experience!'

Aireane Curtis
Direcetor of Curriculum, Windham Exempted Village Schools

"We have used the Jefferson County ESC Virtual Learning Academy for several years to help our students at Indian Lake High School recover credits they need to graduate or to graduate ahead of time.  The website they have created is easy to navigate and has more than enough availability of reports to track the progress of our kids as they work on completing their credits.  Any request we have for additional licenses or courses to be added for a student is typically answered, literally, within minutes."   

Greg Tuttle 
School Counselor, Indian Lake High School 

'Nancy Farmer and I had a conversation about this and this is how we feel (and Kudos to Nancy as she is a rock star when it comes to Jefferson County).  Please see below:  
  • Super-efficient and accurate customer service  
  • Extremely flexible especially when dealing with Jefferson County’s teacher of record ; 24 hour response time in regard to grading  
  • The perfect program for Special Ed student allowing us to individualize and modify to accommodate the needs of the IEP’s  
  • It aligns easily with our traditional high school’s quarter and semester calendar.  
  • Credit recover options for all courses  
  • Courses are aligned with the Ohio EOC tests  
  • Stays current and has regular updates with virtual videos, inactive games and all the things to keep the students attention.  
  • Can accommodate blended learning with the combination of classroom teacher instruction and the Jefferson platform ' 
Nate Bishko  
Director of CTE – Excel TECC  
Mayfield High School  

'The Virtual Learning Academy provides our school district flexibility for all student needs. We use the courses for students who need to be homebound for instruction, credit recovery, and whenever scheduling conflicts arise. The student accounts are created quickly and students receive prompt feedback from teachers. The program has been a great asset to our school!'  
Krista Kinyo 
Buckeye Local High School 
School Counselor 

'Findlay Digital Academy is a Dropout Prevention/Credit Recovery E School serving students in grades 9-12. During the 2018/19 school year, we decided that the curriculum we had been using was not meeting the needs of our students. We were searching for a management system/curriculum that was engaging for students, interactive, able to collect and manage the data we need collected and developed in Ohio by Ohio teachers. We researched multiple platforms and found Jefferson County’s Virtual Learning Academy “checked all our boxes.” With the help of the VLA staff, we implemented the VLA curriculum during the 2019-20 school year. We are now in our second year of implementation and can report that we are extremely pleased with our decision to move to VLA. The management system has been so helpful to us as an E School, and our students, parents and staff have only shared positive comments about the change. The platform is easy to maneuver and offers many features that others do not. The VLA staff is a phone call away, and has been wonderful to work with. When we have questions/suggestions/etc., the VLA staff is responsive and ready to help make any adjustments that are needed. We are happy to be working with the dedicated individuals at VLA and look forward to continuing our association with this quality program.'
Rosemary Rooker  
Findlay Digital Academy  

"I have been very impressed with the customer service of VLA.  They respond quickly and efficiently to my requests."  

Tom Kitchen  
Assistant Superintendent  
Ross-Pike ESD  

'VLA has been an absolute life saver for a countless number of our students.  The educational content aligns perfectly with state standards and allows for student success no matter what their learning style.  Customer service is ALWAYS extremely fast and personal.  Everybody at VLA is so friendly and helpful. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.'  
Thom Singer  
Defiance High School  
Guidance Counselor  

'Virtual Learning Academy provides students receiving Support Services with curriculum that is modified at a level that ensures greater success. The materials are chunked to support reading comprehension with questions that are challenging, yet achievable. Both students and teachers identify some of the technical capabilities such as the split screen and printable materials as examples of the resources that facilitate learning. The students are able to redo parts of the lesson in order to ensure proficiency which give them a greater opportunity to pass the classes. Overall, we've had great success by offering VLA as a viable option to our students.'  
Gayle Shemesh, Catalina Foothills (Arizona)   
Support Services  
Academic Support Teacher, 12th Grade  

'I recommend the VLA program to all interested homeschoolers I meet; your program curriculum and customer support is amazing!'  
Have a great weekend!  
Homeschool Parent using VLA for her 2nd grade student from Powhatan, VA  
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