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VLA Family and Consumer Science Course Descriptions (Grades 9-12)

Child Development

1 Semester: 18 Units

Thinking about your career or careers brings thoughts of the schooling and training that will be involved in preparing you for that vocation. It may take years to get equipped. What about preparing to be a parent? How much time will it take studying and training for that responsibility?

Parenting involves many years of a person’s life, but often people are not prepared for the challenge. This course will encourage students to think about skills involved in parenting, exploring if or when someone would like to become a parent, and the development and changes which occur during a pregnancy.  Child Development, in addition, will explore the growth a child experiences through physical, emotional, moral, social, and intellectual development.

Many careers available today touch on some facet of child development.  This course will briefly touch on some of these professions, looking at what is involved and the training necessary.

Family Living

1 Semester: 18 Units

If a student is anxious to be independent, then this Family Living course will prepare students for life after high school. Students will explore available housing choices as well as advantages of renting an apartment or buying a home. They will look at setting up a house and what they can do to turn it into a home. They will learn about food preparation and practice skills as they complete a couple of labs while preparing simple recipes. Washing clothes will be a breeze after examining laundry basics. Budgeting, writing checks, and examining consumer issues will prepare students to work with finances. Practicing decision making and good communication skills will make them easier to use every day.

Financial  Literacy

1 Semester: 18 Units

Financial Literacy is designed to help students make the  most of their money. Students will learn personal financial planning, budgeting, banking, using credit wisely, how to protect their money, consumerism, investing and philanthropy. More specifically, it examines the ability of individuals to use knowledge and skills to manage limited financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial security.

Integrated Family Living

1 Semester: 18 Units

Do you want to live on your own someday?  Get a good job?  Earn money?  This Integrated Family Living course will help you get ready for life after high school. Students enrolled in this course study the same topics presented in Family Living to assure alignment with the Academic Content Standards. However, content and assessment has been adapted to a more appropriate format and level of difficulty. Students will learn how to make good decisions and solve problems, become an informed consumer, manage money, communicate and resolve conflicts, balance work and family, and choose a career that is right for them. They will also learn to be a good citizen and leader, choose a place to live, learn how to furnish and take care of a home, learn how to go green and take care of the environment.  In addition, they will learn to make good clothing choices and learn how to care for clothing, make choices for strong social, mental, and physical health, make healthy decisions about the food they eat, plan and prepare meals, and get along with others. The information learned in this course will help students right now and all of their life.

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