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VLA Grade 1 Course Descriptions
English Language Arts 110
2 Semesters: 1 Credit 
Math 110

2 Semesters: 1 Credit

First Grade Math has four areas of concentration: addition, subtraction, whole number relationships and place value, measurement, and basic reasoning about geometric shapes. Content is presented in a fun, interactive way: the student will have the opportunity to play games and complete activities with a mentor in each unit. Outside activities and projects are encouraged, but not required. All content aligns with the Common Core Standards.

Science 110**
1 Semesters: 1/2 Credit

Science 110 is geared for the natural curiosity of the First Grade student.  They are inquisitive about their physical environments and the many activities that take place within them. They have an intense desire to question and learn. The theme, "Observations of the Environment," builds upon what the student has learned in Kindergarten and focuses on skills for systematic discovery of the physical world by using scientific inquiry.

Within this First Grade Virtual Science Course, scientific inquiry and its application require that all students complete the following tasks:
  • Observe and ask questions about the natural environment
  • Plan and conduct simple investigations
  • Employ simple equipment and tools to gather data and extend the senses
  • Use appropriate mathematics with data to construct reasonable explanations
  • Communicate about observations, investigations, and explanations
  • Review and ask questions about the observations and explanations of others

Presentation of the First Grade Virtual Science Course incorporates the following:

  • Color, lively movement, and various child-friendly voices, both spoken and in song, hold young students' interests as they learn to use scientific inquiry to answer their many questions about the environment.
  • The help of an on-site mentor and an on-line VLA Teacher.

Social Studies 110

1 Semesters: 1/2 Credit

Through their experience in First Grade Social Studies, students deepen their understanding of accountability for their actions and respecting the rights of others.  The importance of collaboration is also stressed.  Students consider the application of fairness to rules in various settings and the consequences of breaking rules. The First Grade content statements lay the foundations for civic participation and working with others.

Spanish 110

1 Semesters: 1/2 Credit
Required Course Materials

Students in Spanish 110 will be introduced or re-introduced to communication skills in the target language. They will learn a basic understanding of pronunciation, vocabulary, aspects of grammar and daily conversation skills. Students will begin to format communication on their own using these learned skills. In addition, students will also begin to study the many cultures of the target language and view videos from Spanish speaking countries.

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