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VLA Grade 7 Course Descriptions

English Language Arts 170

2 Semesters: 36 Units
Required Course Materials

In Seventh Grade Language Arts, students are responsible for obtaining copies of Sounder by William H. Armstrong, The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, and Call It Courage by Armstrong Sperry. All three books are Newberry Award Books. Students complete comprehension checks in each unit to respond to what they have read and engage in activities for developing vocabulary-building skills and strategies. As they read, students are required to use the writing process for writing business letters, summaries, and a research paper. They will also present a variety of speeches.

Math 170

2 Semesters: 36 Units

In this course, students determine the appropriate form of rational numbers to solve problems using a variety of strategies to reason, estimate, compute, solve, and explain solutions of problems; develop and analyze algorithms for computing with percents and integers; extend their knowledge of the real number system by demonstrating an understanding of rational and irrational numbers, exponents, scientific notation of large numbers, absolute value, and square roots; and apply appropriate techniques and strategies to select, measure, and convert units of length, area, volume, and derived units. In geometry, students develop formulas for finding area and volume of plane and solid figures, distinguishing the difference between surface area and volume; define, describe, and draw attributes and properties of plane figures; plot locations in a coordinate plane; identify line and rotational symmetry, perform transformations of plane figures, and draw representations of three-dimensional figures from different views. Students use models to engage in equation-solving processes using inverse operations; graph linear equations and inequalities; use formulas to solve problems; read, create, and interpret graphs including box and whisker plots and stem-and-leaf plots; analyze data using the measures of center and spread; identify the misuses and influence of misrepresentations of data; compute probability of compound events; and design and conduct experiments to test theoretical probabilities, make predictions, and evaluate the actual outcomes.

Science 170

2 Semesters: 36 Units
Required Course Materials

Students learn to describe interactions of matter and energy throughout the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. They continue to develop skills of scientific inquiry, explain how matter can change forms and describe how energy is potential or kinetic and takes many forms. Students apply math skills to evaluate and analyze variables and data from investigations as they draw conclusions from scientific evidence. Seventh-grade students are able to recognize that technology can create environmental and economic conflicts, affect the quality of life, and that science and technology cannot answer all questions and cannot solve all human problems. Students access knowledge to explain how energy entering the ecosystems, such as sunlight, supports the life of organisms through photosynthesis and the transfer of energy through the interactions of organisms and the environment.

Social Studies 170

2 Semesters: 36 Units

In this course, students begin with a study of the ancient world. This study incorporates each of the seven standards into the chronology. Students learn that each historic event is shaped by its geographic setting, culture of the people, economic conditions, governmental decisions and citizen action. Students also expand their command of social studies skills and methods.

Spanish 170

1 Semester: 18 Units

Students in Spanish 170 will be introduced or re-introduced to skills in order to begin or resume communication in the target language. They will gain knowledge and understanding of pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar structure and simple conversation as well as study the many cultures of the target language including music, dance, art, sports, literature, cuisine and festivals.
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